PE activiteit "Masterclass De-escalating Strong Emotions in negotiation, Diplomacy and Conflicts"

Titel Masterclass De-escalating Strong Emotions in negotiation, Diplomacy and Conflicts
Trainingsinstituut Stichting Mediators Beyond Borders International
Begindatum 04-10-2017
Einddatum 04-10-2017
Punten 6
Categorie 1a
Plaats Den Haag
Onkosten € 600
Tijdstip van 09:00
Tijdstip tot 16:30
Docenten Douglas E. Noll Doug Noll’s de-escalation trainings are the culmination of years of research and experience in the Prison of Peace project. He has taught this state of the art technique for over 7 years in some of California’s most violent men’s and women’s prisons with remarkable results. This time, a day-long de-escalation Masterclass will teach the participants how to de-escalate strong emotions in mediation, solve problems and create accountable agreements in their practices of negotiation, diplomacy and conflict resolution.
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